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For those simply wishing to deposit money in a savings account at the best rates, there is little value we can add. There are a number of websites that compare the savings rates offered by the well-known institutions.

Otherwise, for lump sum investments or regular savings outside of a pension, there are several essential stages to the design of the most successful solution.

The asset allocation must be the starting point. We carefully assess the client’s tolerance for investment risk having discussed the behaviour of different kinds of investments. We also take into account the likely time period for the investment. We then together generate a suitable mix of investments that should provide the best returns consistent with the client sleeping well at night.

The next stage is to determine the most tax-effective "wrapper" for the investments. This is effectively the structure for the investments: ISAs, unit trusts, open ended investment companies, onshore insurance company bonds, offshore insurance company bonds, savings accounts. Each of these has particular tax effects which will be influenced by the asset allocation. The most suitable choice of the wrapper will also depend on the tax position of the investor, now and in the future.

Often it makes sense to use more than one wrapper, and there are several companies offering wrap platforms where all wrappers can be kept within one administrative structure:

Investment & Savings Administrative Platform

Finally we select the specific investment funds based on criteria we have developed, and research that we do in-house. Those with very large amounts to invest may prefer the discretionary management of a portfolio of individual stocks and shares. We can refer clients to a stockbroker for this.


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